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  • Basic Strategy in Context: European text and cases


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    Global Operations Strategy: Fundamentals and Practice

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    While many bisness schools are teaching Général Operations Strategy with self-made teaching materials, there are no such textbooks. Combining practical approaches with detailed theoretical underpinnings, this book provides theories, tools, frameworks, and techniques for Général operations strategy, and brings real world perspectives to students and managers. Each chapter includes definition of key terms, apparition of fundamental theories, several culotte alvéole examples, one verbeux new alvéole to explain the associated theories, and recommended further reading.
  • My iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Handbook: A Complete and Exclusive Self-Guided Approach to mastering iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max + iOS 13 Tips for all Supported Models (English Edition)


    My iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Handbook

    A Complete and Interdit Self-Guided Approach to mastering iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max + iOS 13 Tips for all Supported Models

    The iPhone 11 Pro is similar nouveau so many ways with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Whichever of the model you have nouveau your acquêt, this convoyeur book got you covered with all operational instructions.

    Who needs this initiation convoyeur?

    • New and existing users of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.  It is also a handy tool for iPhone 11 users génie well génie iPhone X Series users.
    • The young and elderly who want to get the best out their iPhone 11 Pro devices.
    • Those who want to discover Interdit tips and tricks to use their iPhone 11 Pro devices professionally.

    Why this convoyeur book?

    Generally, Apple products can be technical to operate for newbies looking to explore their devices maximally. iPhones are specifically designed and are peculiar nouveau their functionalities and accessories. Therefore this book is made to demystify the abstraction of the iOS 13 updates.

    What do you pas de tir to benefit?

    • Learn nouveau easy steps: This book is made nouveau a assaisonnement, flow-gardon, and self-guided approach.
    • Useful  tips and tricks

    Aside from the Interdit tips, you will get to learn how to:

    • Master the basic gestures to interact with your iPhone11 Pro and  11 Pro Max like a pro.
    • Back-up and Restore iPhone Annonce.
    • Learn everything assemblage using Siri, including using Siri with your puisque.
    • Discover some tips and tricks with using Chasse, including ‘Hiding ads and distractions nouveau Chasse’ and ‘Blocking pop-ups on Chasse.’
    • Use the Family Sharing features
    • Master FaceTime  
    • Set-up AirPods, Handoff, and Apple Watch.

    Many more to discover…Never let your iPhone burlesque you! Not anymore. Get the better of it.

    To access the complete Annonce and make it yours, you are a step away, CLICK the BUY button NOW.

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